About me

Rebecca Squires – Head Trainer

I have always had a passion for animals that has provided me opportunities to work with horses as well as love and take care of many family pets whilst growing up in the UK.  My interest and subsequent passion for dogs came about when I first met my husbands parents dog Max.  They got him as an adorable, fluffy puppy and I was obsessed with him! They took him to puppy classes as well as the groomers – being a doodle that loves water and mud, he needed regular visits – and it was great to watch him grow and mature into a wonderful family dog.

My husband and I moved to Canada in 2012 to chase our dreams of working in ski resorts as well as travelling around BC to ultimately find our forever home.  After a year or so we came to Victoria and fell in love with the city and the beautiful surroundings, we had found our home.  I decided that along with a new home would come a new career for me and wanted to explore the possibilities of dog training.  I completed and graduated from the Professional Dog Trainers course at Westcoast Canine Academy on Vancouver Island in 2013 and started working at a local doggy daycare to learn more about dogs, their behavior and mannerisms.  During my time there I was also able to start up training classes and realized I had found my calling, I love training dogs and working with their owners.  I switched daycares in 2014 and started running outdoor adventure hikes with my new team, I eventually moved to managing the daycare as well as teaching classes and stayed with this amazing team for 4 years.  

In 2016 I discovered Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman of Absolute Dogs, their knowledge, forward thinking approach and enthusiasm for training inspired me to learn more.  I signed up to their Training Academy program where they teach and mentor students and professional dog trainers world wide.  I became part of their Pro Dog Trainer movement which they launched in November 2017 and successfully completed the Pro Dog Trainer course in 2018.  I attended the Super Trainer Live and Pro Dog Trainer seminar in England in November 2018 & 2019 and continue to be a member of the Training Academy to continue my learning and development.  The course has re-ignited my passion for dog training, the knowledge I have gained from these courses has been a huge game changer not only for my students but for my own dogs, I love training them using the Absolute Dogs way, they have overcome many struggles as a result and I cannot wait to pass on my knowledge to my students!

We rescued Zin when she was 6 months old, she was a street dog in Taiwan who was lucky enough to be rescued and eventually fostered in Victoria. Zin is a cheeky, intelligent, happy go lucky kinda gal and has accompanied us on all our adventures from snowboarding in the Okenagan to camping in the wilderness. She loves to learn, she has taken disc, trick training and agility classes and we also focus a lot on her continuing development, building her focus and impulse control to enable her to slow down and think through the task at hand!



We rescued Foxy when she was 2.5 years old, she was from a puppy mill in Taiwan and stole our hearts. She was a glass half empty kinda gal and was very shy and nervous when we got her. It took her some time to settle into our lives and to begin to grow her confidence in her surroundings and in her family. She has taught us a lot and we are so proud of her progress, she now loves to learn and has been progressing well with her training. We focus a lot on confidence building, optimism and relationship building to help her to see life with her glass half full rather than half empty.