Group Classes:

Group classes are a great way to start off your training journey with your dog.  The class environment enables you to work with your dog amongst naturally occurring distractions as well as giving you a chance to meet other dog owners.  Group numbers are kept small with a maximum number of 5 dogs per class to allow individual coaching from the instructor.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic all classes are currently postponed however, the cogs are starting to move to re-open!  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, to ensure you are kept in the loop you can also subscribe to our newsletter here!

Upcoming Classes:

Life Skills

This class is designed to teach you and your dog skills and techniques to handle the everyday challenges life throws at you, from focusing on you in the face of distractions (squirrel!), coming back when called, walking on a loose leash or meeting visitors politely.  We focus on building concepts such as focus, impulse control and confidence as well as building your relationship with your dog.  These classes are fun and packed full of great games you can play with your dog, so if you’re struggling with your dog choosing to chase critters, jumping up on guests, pulling on leash or generally not paying much attention to you – this is the class for you!

Class cost $180 including tax

Classes run 1 hour a week for 5 weeks 

Date: TBC

Location: Braefoot Community Association, 1359 McKenzie Avenue

The Confidence Builder

This class is perfect for dogs who are struggling with their confidence, who need a boost to help get them out of their shell and give them the confidence they need to enjoy their world to the fullest.  All the games in this class are aimed at increasing our shy dogs confidence and to help them see things with a glass half full approach instead of a glass half empty! If you have a dog who finds novel items or environments scary, who prefers to hide than explore or who gets a little overwhelmed from time to time – this is the class for you!

Class cost $180 including tax

Classes run 1 hour a week for 5 weeks 

Date: TBC

Location: Braefoot Community Association, 1359 McKenzie Avenue

Private/Semi Private Training

Private Training is available for dogs and owners who want to work on more specific behavioral struggles or for dogs who are not ready to work in a group setting.  Training can be provided at the clients home or at the training facility depending on the areas covered.  Prior to booking, we offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to establish your main struggles and to enable us to create an individual training plan for your needs. 

$80 per hour

Train With A Friend! If you have a friend who’s dog has similar struggles to your own why not get together and train together!  Training with a friend is not only fun but gives you someone who you can look to for support and encouragement.  New for 2020, we will be running 1 hour semi private lessons for a maximum of 2 people and their dogs, you will receive individualized training plans targeted at your struggles as well as coaching on how to support each other between sessions.

$60 per person, per hour

Dates: TBC

* All dates are available for Private or Semi Private training, lessons will be held at the McKenzie Community Association

*Lesson times can be flexible, if you would like to book a later slot on any date please contact us

*Private training can also be scheduled at your home, dates are flexible, please contact us for more information

If you are unsure which class or training scenario best suits your dog please contact us and we can steer you in the right direction!