Start your puppy journey off on the right paw with our puppy programs! We help you to develop a great relationship with your new four legged friend, build their confidence, teach them how to become a great canine companion and support you through all stages of puppy-hood!

Puppy Fundamentals

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic all classes are currently postponed however, the cogs are starting to move to re-open!  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, to ensure you are kept in the loop you can also subscribe to our newsletter here!

If you have just welcomed a new puppy into your home, know someone who has or you are getting a new puppy soon this course is for you!

This fun and interactive two part course will help answer many questions puppy owners face such as how do I potty train my puppy? How much exercise does my puppy need? How do I appropriately socialize my puppy? What food should I feed my puppy? We will also cover some basic training foundations to get you and your puppy off on the right paw! This course is a great stepping stone towards our 5 week PupStar Program!

Classes will be held at A Pet’s Life on Cordova Bay Road & all attendees will receive a free puppy goody bag!!!

Suitable for puppies ages 9 – 16 weeks, puppies must have at least their second set of shots to attend.

Dates: Classes are held every second Thursday, upcoming dates: TBC

Cost: $40 including tax

PupStar! Program

Our 5 week puppy program is designed to cover everything you need to start and continue your puppy training journey! Classes will give you the skills you need to set your puppy up for success in their training journey as well as developing a calm, happy and confident puppy! We focus on developing your relationship with your puppy, helping them to build handler focus, confidence and reliable behaviors such as coming back when called, sit and down stays, loose leash walking and much more!

Suitable for puppies aged 12 weeks to 5 months, puppies must have at least their second set of shots to attend.

Classes will be held at the Braefoot Community Association, 1359 McKenzie Avenue.

Dates: TBC

Cost: $180 including tax